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pic via Holy Mountain Brewing website

The Seattle Weekly's Megan HIll tours the new Holy Mountain Brewing located in Interbay:

"Adam Paysse wriggles loose the stopper in an oak barrel. He shines a flashlight into its depths, revealing a primordial goop of opaque white bubbles emerging from a pond-scum-like film. Underneath, apparently, is beer, which will one day be consumed by the eager masses lining up inside Holy Mountain Brewing’s taproom to sip Paysse’s latest experiments.

As Paysse, Holy Mountain’s president, explains, that “white, gnarly looking thing” is called a pellicle, a layer that forms over beer that ages on Brettanomyces, a type of yeast used in beer styles like saisons and lambics. Brewers endearingly call it “Brett,” as if it were a good buddy...."

Head on over to the Seattle Weekly to read Megan Hill's full article

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