Seattle Park Commissioners Mtg on 11/13 will discuss Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area

image via Seattle Parks briefing paper

On Thursday, November 13th at 6:30PM, The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners will gather for their monthly meeting at Parks Headquarters (100 Dexter Avenue North, Ken Bounds Board Room). Included on the agenda is the discussion and possible vote on whether to make the Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area (OLA) permanent. The meeting is open to the public. The Staff's recommendation is as follows :

"The Magnolia Manor OLA meets all the criteria necessary to become a permanent OLA. Given the proximity to residents, continued emphasis on mitigating noise, smells, parking and providing education to users will be an on-going necessity. .."

The final briefing paper is available via the Seattle Parks & Recreation Depatment: Magnolia Manor OLA briefing paper

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