Recent Art Performance at Magnolia’s Discovery Park


Jen Graves over at The Stranger posted in their SLOG column about a recent performance titled "Five Silent Structures" at Discovery Park. It was a satellite event, by local artist Tia Kramer and a group of dancers, part of the group art exhibition "It is a Door and a Window That Make a Room Useful" that took place at SOIL recently.

"..If you've ever been to Discovery Park, you've almost certainly passed by the smattering of historic butter-yellow buildings not far from the main entrance. Discovery is Seattle's largest park, a former military fort that today is a bewildering mix of army relics, residential housing, and habitat for bald eagles and great blue herons (two birds who do not live in harmony). But the Seattle artist Tia Kramer was drawn to those yellow buildings..."

Check out her full article, & pics at The Stranger's SLOG:

The Stranger : SLOG : The Empty, Locked Buildings on Magnolia Bluff


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