Kayaking in Elliott Bay via Magnolia

With three sides of Magnolia bordered by water one of the best ways to enjoy it is to get out on a boat. Don't happen to own one of the yachts at Elliott Bay Marina? That's okay. A little known fact is that this marina, at the base of Magnolia Bluff next to Palisade, offers kayak rentals to the general public. While sightings of sea lions, harbor seals, and Great Blue Herons are not guaranteed, there's a good chance you might see a few. Dining nearby includes the aforementioned Palisade as well as Maggie Bluffs.

Elliott Bay Marina - Kayak rentals:

Between the hours of 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm Friday-Sunday.

2 person kayaks are $32 per hour and single kayaks are $25 per hour.

2601 W Marina Place Seattle, WA

Elliott Bay Marina's website

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